23 December 2012

Tips For People Who Live in the Fast Lane

Put your face on in 5 minutes. [here]

Sort out your tresses in a jiffy. [here]

Get day-to-night ready in under 5 minutes. [here]

14 December 2012

Just a Note

So just a note to say I'm back on the island and all is well apart from the fact that I seem to have picked up the nasty habit of bursting into tears whilst wailing “I MISS TRIPLE CREAM BRIE AND SALTY CHEDDAR” in heaving sobs.

I’m not sure, but I think this means I need to be sedated.

It also probably means I have become a cheese snob, a fact that you will probably attest to if you follow us on Instagram.

Melbourne was amazing as usual – revisiting my precious haunts, treading precariously on haphazard cobblestones, winding in and out of hidden shops, sitting in the safety of an alleyway with a crusty roast beef baguette, the milky bitter tang of a latte saturating my mouth …

Excuse me whilst I retreat into a corner and weep to return to Melbourne.