Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As a preemptive strike, we've decided to get an FAQ page up and running with a sorry list of questions that you probably didn't even want to know the answers to ... which, in hindsight sort of makes the real title of this page just 'Questions'...

What is Project Mintbean? 

Project Mintbean was created as a personal platform for all the things in the world that S & C can covet/obsess over (read: virtual dump-site). 

Expect to find posts on:
  • Art
  • Design
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Food
  • Outfits of the Day
  • Random babbling (sorry - we'll try to keep this in check)
  • & personal e-mails between S&C 

While the blog probably reads like a bowl of Eton Mess, we prefer to think of it as a virtual conversation over a cup of JavaScript.

I want to collaborate with you!

Are you sure? You will not regret this most auspicious of all decisions for as long as you shall live!
Please find below, a comprehensive (and ever-growing) list of our skills and accomplishments to date.

You say 'lacklustre', we say 'kind of awesome' ... We'll just have to agree to disagree.
If you think we've got just the sort of skill sets you're looking for, drop us a Howdy-do! here.

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