1 November 2012

A little off tangent.

Hey C,

I don’t know if you remember a fleeting conversation we may have had an undetermined amount of time ago, that I could possibly have spoken about my dire need to purchase a pair of printed pants. 

I say this with such uncertainty because the amount of things that I have decided I must acquire in my lifetime is perhaps a little bit excessive (I suppose this is a good place to drop the hint to readers that we are convinced that one day, not far from now, we will be the proud owners of a herd of fainting goats).
Recently I splurged on a pair of these babies by Maurie & Eve. I’ve been coveting this print for awhile now because this colour scheme is genius. The white, the mint, navy, the geometric angles, the seemingly random brush strokes and some rose gold bling… Who are Maurie & Eve and what are they doing frolicking about in my happy place. 

Maurie & Eve Ruby Track Pant - Geo

Needless to say, one fateful night I was up way past my bedtime, eyes squinty from.. well, my overall lack of vision… and I obtained them (Paypal is devastatingly convenient), whether I would eventually wear them or not is irrelevant. 

However, I’m yet to wear them because:

1.     I don’t have appropriate undergarments (the buttock area is white)
2.     The weather as of late would have resulted in wet and stained hemlines (curse these wee trotters!)
3.     I don’t have appropriate undergarments. 

Now I kind of wish I bought the shirt... singlet... shorts? I actually kind of even wish they had bedsheets in this print.

Seriously though, what kind of delightful underwear do models wear with these clothes? Do they wear underwear at all? Is the word underwear inappropriate and incorrect? Should I be using the word panties instead? Thought provoking, I know. 

Should you (or anyone else) have the answers to this strenuous dilemma, do let me know so I can make full use of these gorgeous pants before the moths get to them *note to self: buy moth balls immediately*. 

 Hope all is well in your bite-sized fraction of the world!

- S.

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